Carnival of Financial Planning – April 17th

Welcome to this weeks Carnival of Financial Planning!  Thank you to everyone who contributed. BUDGETING AND ECONOMICS Mario @ Debt BLAG writes How an IRS audit can make you sick – Buying a new or used car at a dealership can be a pretty harrowing experience when it comes to negotiating a price; here are some […]

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Seeking Alpha
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Should I take investment advice from Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha is a great place to find multiple opinions and varying levels of analysis on publicly traded stocks.  As an individual investor it can be very difficult to find good information.  Chances are you probably don’t have your foot in the door with investor relations or the ability to meet with company management.  Luckily the […]

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Carnival of Retirement – 105th Edition

For this week’s Carnival of Retirement I have picked out the best of the submissions on budgeting, investing & savings, living, taxes and debt.  I also selected some of my favorite articles featured in the “Editors Top Picks”. To access additional Carnival of Retirement posts you can go to the Carnival of Retirement website, or if you […]

penny stock
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Should I Invest in Penny Stocks?

If you want to get rich quick with no effort at all then penny stocks are for you.  If you think it would be a better idea to climb off of your unicorn and float down to earth instead of looking for a pile of gold at the end of a rainbow then you should stay far, far away […]

Prospect theory1
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Prospect Theory: Do you sell winning investments too early?

Before scrolling down to the explanation of prospect theory, take a few moments to answer these two questions:       Scroll down to assess your results                               You may have noticed that the questions are framed so that one has […]