Ficus Moonshine Variegata Shivereana

Ficus Moonshine Variegata Shivereana. Ficus shivereana, like most variegated plants, prefers to be on the dry side. Philodendron birkin [5 pots] $ 99.00.

Ficus Shiverana Moonshine Cutting Rare, 34,90 €
Ficus Shiverana Moonshine Cutting Rare, 34,90 € from

Besides the pests that are all over the plants leaves, i am not sure if i can trust the seller regarding the plants species. By purchasing, you agree to our shipping policy and refund policy. If you find the right place for it to live, it will reward you with fast growth of beautiful large leaves.

Check Weekly, Water If Top Half Of Soil Is Dry.fertilizer:

Today i received this little plant (around 7cm/ 2,7 inches tall). The main photo is of an adult plant for representation purposes most of the current sizes in the garden. Is rooted in a 4 pot.

Medium To Bright Indirect Sunlight.watering:

It requires 1 cup of water every 9 days. Write a review about the product “ficus shivereana 'moonshine'” and win a national gardening gift voucher of £25! Place it infront of a bright window with no.

This Is The Exact Plant You Will Receive &Amp;

Ficus shiverana moonshine cutting rare. A balanced fertilizer once a month in spring and summer.soil: Philodendron red heart $ 49.00.

Besides The Pests That Are All Over The Plants.

Add to cart quick look. Ficus shivereana 'variegata' is an easy to grow houseplant with show stopping foliage! Ficus elastica shivereana also known as ficus elastica moonshine.

Bright Room Away From Direct Sunlight.

Adult means that the plant has the ability to create a sprout which will start blooming in case of good care. Ficus shivereana care ficus shivereana grows best in moderate to. After asking, he stated the shivereana is.

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